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Gloomdrop Procreate Lettering Brush

2.20 CHF

This Brush is part of my Shadow Set. The brushes in this set create a dropshadow while writing. Better suited for large letters and lefties might get a slightly different result. If you are a lefty and are having troubles, please contact me, I’ll help you adjust the settings so they fit your needs.


This is a Brush for the Procreate App, available for iPad. These brushes are not compatible with any other App or Program.

Most of my brushes are created with Handlettering in mind, but might be used for drawing as well.
They are pressure sensitive.

All of the premium and some of the free brushes use a custom shape that was created by me, these shapes are not part of the pro library, which ensures a unique look and feel.

Sample Images were all written on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.

Please check out my Procreate Brushes Page for more information on iPad Lettering as well as Instructions on how the download works.


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